Glimpses of The New Earth Summit


Day 1 – Theme – Wellness of Mind, Body & Spirit


Convener Darryl D’Souza on the reason for The New Earth Summit


Address by Chief Guest Shri Elvis Gomes

Reversing High BP, Cholesterol, Diabetes & Obesity with Diet & Lifestyle Changes – Varsha S Naik

Healing your Digestive System – Dr. Shikha Agarwal

Acupressure for Self-Diagnosis & Healing – Darryl D’Souza

Top 10 Lifestyle Choices for Good Health & Good Environment – Dr.Neeru Goel

Dance Performance by Kishna Brothers

Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation for Good Health – Felly Gomes

Cleansing Body, Mind & Spirit using Integrative Natural Therapies – Aswathy Sreekumar

Vocal Performance by Nelly Pereira

Healing Cancer – Jay Sutaria, & Darryl D’Souza

The Decentralized Medicine System of the Future – Darryl D’Souza

Integrative Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences – Dr. Rita Vaz

Synergy of Eastern and Western Medicine – Dr. P N Kadam

Spoken Word by Bijon Shaha

The Global Peace & Harmony Project – Manish Paliwal


Day 2 – Theme – Healthy Food and Healthy Farming


Address by Chief Guest Shri Claude Alvares

Circle of God – Farm, Food & Health – Anny Kohli & Jay Sutaria


Top 10 foods for good health and top 10 foods for bad health – Darryl D’Souza


A successful small scale natural farming system – Karan Manral


Solutions for Goan farmers giving up farming – Miguel Braganza

Organic Farming Initiative by the State of Goa – Nevil Alphonso


The multi-fold benefits of fresh locally grown food – Valerian Mendonca


Small Changes for a Big Impact in your Food Supply Chain – Darryl D’Souza


The Benefits of a Vegan Diet to All Living Beings – Aditya Harmalkar


Day 3 – Theme – Self-Sustained and Eco-Friendly Living Ecosystems

Address by Chief Guest Shri Sanjit Rodrigues


Will the Goan Ecosystem survive? – Claude Alvares

Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems – Capt. Joseph Lobo


Eco Friendly Homes & Living – Hyacinth Pinto & Tallulah D’Silva


The Waste Less Project – Saritha Sudhakaran

Effective Rain Water Harvesting Systems – Abhinav Apte & Romaine S


Developing a Local Self-Sustained Village Model – Felly Gomes


How Goa can become a Tourist Destination for Wellness – Darryl D’Souza


Local and Sustainable Livelihoods in Goa – Dattaprasad Shetkar, Roshan Mathias and Peter Singh


Raising Forest Nurseries & Restoring Mangroves to save Costal Economy – Romaine S


Oceans and Coasts : Living with Uncertainty – Puja Mitra


Dharma and The Earth Keepers – Darryl D’Souza

We wish you a wonderful time of learning and inspiration through these videos, so that you may implement the solutions offered and become part of our worldwide circle of People Helping People doing our part for a better and Newer Earth. Each video has the contact details of the speaker or artist in case you want to contact them.
You are free to copy & paste this page in an email or share it’s video links wherever you like to help and inspire others as well.
If you appreciate our efforts in The New Earth Summit and would like to support the summit, kindly consider donating by clicking this link. It will help us cover the summit expenses and also ensure that it happens year after year in a bigger and better way.
Thank You & God Bless !
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