TNES 2023

                                            TNES 2023

The 5th year of The New Earth Summit – India’s 1st Integrative Summit on solutions to our problems in Health, Food, Farming, Environment, Sustainability & Circular Green Economy. Transform your Life and Living Spaces!

Mission of the Summit:

To create awareness about the root causes of our problems in health, food supply, living spaces, environment, circular economy governance and education, and to showcase unique solutions that have been implemented in some places by experts, so that these solutions can be implemented across the world. To also help facilitate the creation of eco-friendly, self-sustaining, locally diverse, circular economy model by the people and for the people across the states in India and across the world and thereby contribute to the creation of A New and Good Earth.

Hosted every year by Earth Keepers Connect

For the last 4 years of The New Earth Summit, we presented solutions in various areas from domain experts in India and overseas. This year, we are taking the movement forward on the ground in an organized way with the help of the people’s Domain Experts Committees in every state of India.

Please watch our video ‘Making New Earth‘ that explains the cause of our problems and the solutions that have been worked out, before attending this summit

Then kindly join our group Earth Keepers Connect on Telegram if you want to actively participate in implementing the solutions in your village, city, state and country. Thank You!

This year the summit is a physical event at our venue: DASYA – The Good Place, Kamat Nagar, Defence Colony, Porvorim, Sangolda, North Goa 403501. Google Map

Event Entry is Free!

Please watch our video ‘Making New Earth‘ before attending this summit.

1) 17 Panel Discussions by Domain Experts from the People’s Committees. If you want to be a panelist, please call Darryl on +91 9821758877. Each of the 1 hr Panel Discussions below, will be in the Main Hall with the full audience, followed by the next hour in Hall B with the entire panel and people from the audience who want to discuss more details with the panelists. The problems and solutions discussions by each of the committees so far are listed below the session. Kindly read the ones you’re interested in, and we will be happy to have your comments in it as well.

28th January, 2023 Sessions:
Opening Session Recording
9am – Integrative Medicine and Health Committee
IMHC Discussion Document
11am – Natural Food and Farming Committee
NFFC Discussion Document
12pm – Town Planning Committee
TPP Discussion Document
1pm – Natural Homes and Architecture Committee
NHAC Discussion Document
2pm – Water Conservation and Management Committee
WCMC Discussion Document
3pm – Waste Management Committee
WMC Discussion Document
4pm – Oceans, Coasts and Marine Life Committee
OCMC Discussion Document
5pm – Biodiversity Committee
BC Discussion Document

29th January, 2023 Sessions:
9am – Environmental Pollution Control Committee
EPCC Discussion Document
10am – Roads and Transport Committee
RTC Discussion Document
11am – TV, Telecom & Internet Committee
TTIC Discussion Document
12pm – Holistic Education Committee
HEC Discussion Document
1pm – Arts and Culture Committee
ACC Discussion Document
2pm – Local Jobs and Regenerative Businesses Committee
LJRBC Discussion Document
3pm – Youth Welfare Committee
YWC Discussion Document 
4pm – Senior Citizens Welfare Committee
SCWC Discussion Document
5pm – Animals Welfare Committee
AWC Discussion Document

2) Networking with solution providers and Committee Members from Goa and other states in India.

3) Organic Earth Keepers Market on both days. Vendor tables and stalls selling fresh fruits & veges, healthy food, natural body products, natural home products & natural / recycled products. Call +91 8888409687 to book a stall.

4) To register yourself for the ‘Dasya Farm Tour’ and the ‘Basic Organic Food Growing Workshop’ on both days, please call Tanushree on +91 9971332320

5) To advertise your natural & healthy products / eco-friendly business at the event via a banner / standee / flyers, please call Darryl on +91 9821758877

If your coming from out of Goa and would like to book your stay at the venue, please call Jackie on +91 8779649400

Thank You!
Darryl D’Souza, Convener, The New Earth Summit. Ph: +91 9821758877

Click on last year’s Committee Meetings Webinars below to view their recordings.

Then join our People’s Committees India group and introduce yourself and let us know which committee you would like to work with.

Oct 12 & Nov 10 – Integrative Medicine and Health Committee Meetings
Oct 13 & Nov 11 – Natural Food and Farming Committee Meetings
Oct 14 – Natural Homes and Architecture Committee Meeting
Oct 15 – Water Conservation and Management Committee Meeting
Oct 16 & Nov 14 – Waste Management Committee Meetings
Oct 17 & Nov 15 – Oceans, Coasts and Marine Life Committee Meetings
Oct 18 & Nov 16 – Biodiversity Committee Meetings
Oct 19 & Nov 17 – Environmental Pollution Control Committee Meetings
Oct 20 & Nov 18 – Roads and Transport Committee Meetings
Oct 21 & Nov 19 – Electricity Generation & Transmission Committee Meetings
Oct 22 & Nov 20 – Town Planning Committee Meetings
Oct 23 – Free Energy Committee Meeting
Oct 24 & Nov 22 – TV, Telecom & Internet Committee Meetings
Oct 25 – Research, Innovation & Development Committee Meeting
Oct 26 & Nov 24 – Holistic Education Committee Meetings
Oct 27 & Nov 25 – Arts and Culture Committee Meetings
Oct 28 & Nov 26 – Local Jobs and Regenerative Businesses Committee Meetings
Oct 29 & Nov 27 – Youth Welfare Committee Meetings
Oct 30 & Nov 28 – Senior Citizens Welfare Committee Meetings
Oct 31 – Peace and Harmony Committee Meeting  

Get in touch with our team on WhatsApp People’s Committees India or in Telegram at if you would like to be a committee member or even if you just want to help any committee do the work in your state. Thank You!

See what our speakers and artists presented during previous years at the summit TNES 2022 and TNES 2021 and TNES 2020 and TNES 2019

Follow us on:

For enquiries, please call 8888409687

Thank You!
Earth Keepers Connect

34 thoughts on “TNES 2023

    1. Excellent Innovative ideas by great lovers of planet earth. Now a days most of people are aware of this & consequences of disastrous Impact of our own making. But in Reality Ground level Tangible results are not adequate. Needs very big Movement to Enlighten every nook & corner and Need great volunteer force especially Youths to take forward this Noble Mission and pray for its success. In fact my heart beats for this Noble Mission. God Bless. Umesh , 9880820822,


      1. Thank You Umesh ji. Yes, more people need to get this information and participate in the movement for it to succeed in every village and city and state. We are doing our best to spread these solutions to all. God Bless! Darryl


  1. Almighty has assigned a Rare n Vital job of Total Transformation of the Earth, which is bound to be transformed thru the joint efforts of Teams like yours. Better all such Teams across the Globe join hands.


  2. I have found your entire series very informative and useful. 2019 and 2020 were fabulous Summit discussions. Look forward to more this year. Brilliant work Darryl. Good Luck 👍


  3. Dear Darryl ji the 21 committees is the need all. It is part of the Earth, not only concerning of human but it covers plants animals, insects, soil and every one in the Earth, We will cooperate our level best. Your thinking is always to reach the farthest. Greetings for your efforts towards the betterment of the earth.


    1. Thank You Mani ji. I hope more and more people join our efforts to solve the problems in all aspects of living for all on this Earth and to heal Mother Earth as well from all the damage. Best Regards, Darryl


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