Varsha S Naik


Varsha Naik is an Assistant Professor in the department of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics at Goa College of Home Science, Campal, Panaji, Goa. She had earlier served as Child Development Project Officer and Social Welfare Officer in Department of Women and Child Development. Over the years, she has organized several need-based workshops and seminars for the growth of students, teachers and allied community in Goa. She has a Masters in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics from University of Bombay and is UGC Qualified for leadership. She has also done a Bachelors of Electro Homeopathy Medicine from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (Distance mode). Her passion for research led her to register as a research scholar at Goa University in Dept. of Biotechnology. She has over 15 years of teaching experience at undergraduate level and over 5 years at post graduate level. She has presented papers at State, National and International level seminars and conferences and has several publications to her credit.



Dr. Shikha Aggarwal

Dr. Shikha Aggarwal has been the practicing physician and health educator at Healthy Healing Center Goa since 2005.  She has successfully treated thousands of patients who have come to her with a great variety of ailments, including serious complicated cases. Dr. Shikha is a member of the Indian Medical Association. In 2006, she passed her Post-Graduate Degree in Holistic Health (PGHH), issued by APOLLO HOSPITALS.  Since May 2007, Dr. Shikha holds the Degree of CMT, or Clinical Metal Toxicologist.  In June 2019 Dr. Shikha also became a member of the INSTITUTE OF FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE.

Darryl D’Souza

Darryl D’Souza’s story of recovering from 14 years of sickness & suffering within 1 year of using Integrated Natural Therapies has inspired thousands across the globe lead healthier lives. His book ‘Become Healthy or Extinct’ finds readership in close to 200 countries. Darryl has devised several disease reversal programs that he does through workshops all across India. He has launched platforms for doctors, healers & therapists to work together and has also curated & convened 4 mind, body & spirit healing conferences. Darryl is also an organic farmer, an environmentalist, a TEDx speaker, an ambassador of VeganNation, founder of Earth Keepers Connect, co-founder of Manipadma Foundation, convener of The New Earth Summit and a speaker at The World Parliaments on Spirituality.

Dr. Neeru Goel

Neeru Goel is a Holistic Physiotherapist. She was born in Commonwealth of Dominica, one of the Caribbean islands. Though her folks belong to Uttar Pradesh, she has lived in Nevis, UP, Rajasthan, Haryana, Karnataka, Delhi and now in Goa, since 2013. She presently works for Sesa Football Academy as a team physiotherapist. She has keenly analysed the concept of health while dealing with her wide variety of patients from all across India and abroad. She has also been highly experimental on her self towards better health. She is a believer of living in sync with nature.

Felly Gomes

Felly Gomes is a yoga instructor, public speaker, environmentalist, social entrepreneur and the founder of the NGO, LIVE HAPPY. He looks for practical and sustainable community solutions. The ethos is derived from the importance of living a clean, happy and healthy lifestyle. Bhoomiputra (Son of the Soil), hailing from the village of Assagao, he has been working to preserve, protect and restore his sacred mother land through a holistic approach. After enhancing his understanding on yoga across various centers in the country, he is now doing his research at SVYSA Yoga University. Felly has also been travelling around the world spreading yogic knowledge and the sustainable village model. He is always connected to his people and the soil.

Aswathy Sreekumar

Aswathy Sreekumar’s life experiences in curing disease and strong belief in the body’s power to heal itself without the use of drugs, inspired her to take the path of healing as her profession. Aswathy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Alternative medicine. She is a pranic healer as well as specializes in a holistic allergy elimination technique.  She believes her life purpose is to contribute towards ushering in a new paradigm of health and well-being.

Jay Sutaria

Food activist Jay Sutaria is the co-founder of Ann Heirloom Foods, Goa, working under the aegis of Anny Kohli to propagate her philosophy of ‘Circle of God’ that includes farm, food and health. At Ann, Jay works closely with heirloom super foods and people with chronic conditions. At Ann or anywhere, Jay helps people navigate through the myriad of complexes of ‘Modern Science’ and demystifies perspectives on many relevant issues such as Organic Certified Food, Cancer and other ‘Auto-Immune’ conditions followed through by real solutions via food alone.

Dr. Rita Vaz

Dr. Rita Vaz has done her Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences at RGUHS, Bangalore 2011, Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education at IGNOU, Ujire 2012, Intensive course on Personal & Clinical Fitness at Indian Academy Of Fitness Training 2014, MD in Acupuncture at Medicina Alternativa, Colombo 2015, Master Trainer Certification – Clinical Fitness, Indian Academy of Fitness Training 2019.  Dr. Rita has been a visiting faculty as a Yoga Instructor at Rosary college of commerce and arts, Navelim, in the years 2014-15 & 2015-16. She has been an Acupuncture Physician at Lotus Nature Cure, Orlim since 2015 till date. She is currently a Naturopathy and Yoga Physician at Lifestyle OPD, Hospicio Hospital, Margao. Dr. Rita holds office as President at Young Women for Christ Association Of Goa for the year 2019-2021 and as General Secretary at Indian Naturopathy and Yoga Graduate’s Medical Association, Goa Chapter.

Dr.P N Kadam

Dr.P N Kadam is the practitioner of modern medicines and since 1987 he devoted his life to the study of Psychosomatic and Chronic Non Communicable Disorders under the name of Sankalpa Treatment Centre for Body and Mind. His expertise in finding the root cause of disease and eliminating it with the help of natural habitat has transformed and saved thousands of lives throughout India and abroad. In 2017 he formed the company, Sankalpa Human Resource Development Corporation Ltd at Pune, Maharashtra. He is carrying a vision of transformation with the help of Sankalpapathy® a new era of philosophy bridging the gap between different pathies as a New Complimentary System. Recently in 2019 he has Introduced the concept of Health Of New Era in the form of  Medical Nutrition Therapy which is going to be the future of medical fraternity.


Manish Paliwal

Manish Paliwal is the Founder of Manipadma Human Development Foundation. Reader of more than 10000 books on a variety of subjects and an expert in, personal & interpersonal communication, brand imaging, advertising, management, and organizational skills & abilities. Born into a well-respected family in Muzzafarpur, India, he had a keen interest in human development causes from a very young age. Owing to some unfortunate incidents in his personal life, starting with his mother committing suicide due to depression, followed by his children being born with disabilities, his interest soon transformed into a resolve to understand the origins of human suffering and misery and to find solutions for it. This made him leave his family business of textiles and thereafter the IT and marketing industry as well, to embark on a journey of service to Humanity.

Anny Kohli

With the vitality of a teenager, at over 65, Anny Kohli, continues to chase her dreams on her journey of ‘Seva’ and fighting for the destitute. Anny, who hails from a royal family in Kashmir, started her first public agitation against corruption at the age of 17. Over the decades, Anny renounced all her wealth while training thousands of farmers in ‘zero budget naturally organic’ farming. Today, Anny Kohli is busy paving a new path for India, as one of the foremost ‘Spirulina Thinkers’ of the world. She lives in a disease free body, demonstrating her life as a guiding light, in a disease afflicted world. Anny Kohli is a Sikh icon with a gentle soul, experienced hands and a genius mind.

Karan Manral

With a background in communication and marketing, Karan has been involved with several environment and organic farming initiatives since a decade. He and his wife Yogita (Green Essentials) have been teaching people how to grow organic food in their home kitchen gardens via workshops. Karan has connected farmer groups to urban consumers in Goa (Chorao Island Farmers Club). He has managed organic farms and also helps design and coach small organic farmers towards better sustainability. Karan has also been a part of organising initiatives like the Konkan Fruit Fest (organised by the Botanical Society of Goa) and the Organic World Congress 2017 (with the Organic Farmers Association of India).

Miguel Braganza

Miguel Braganza grew up learning by assisting his father to grow and multiply plants. He has been the Secretary of Botanical Society of Goa for 12 years out of the 22 years of association with it. He specialises in kitchen gardening.

Nevil Alphonso

Nevil Alphonso hails from Margao, Goa. He obtained B.Sc.(Agriculture) degree from Marathwada Agricutural University, Parbhani, Maharashtra. Working in Directorate of Agriculture, Government of Goa for last over 30 years under various capacities in dissemination of agricultural technologies and Government programs to the farmers, Nevil conducted many seminars and awareness programs on Organic farming in Goa. Presently he works as Deputy Director of Agriculture in charge for promotion of Organic farming in Goa. Nevil has edited 3 books, ” Home Gardening”, ” Major Crops of Goa” and ” Value Addition in Horticultural Crops” published by Agricultural Officers Association of Goa. He has also authored and published a book entitled “Nal’lachi Lagvodd” (Coconut Cultivation) in Konkani language. Nevil is the Past President of Agricultural Officers Association of Goa and past National Vice-President of All India Federation of Agricultural Technologists.

Valerian Mendonca

Valerian, an evangelist and proselytiser of nature-consonant healthcare practice got his first lessons in naturopathy and homoeopathy some 20 years ago from a Jesuit Priest. Valerian advocates that nutrition alone should suffice in the prevention and cure of diseases and as a necessary adjuvant to homoeopathy, which is based on individualised prescription protocol. He avers that naturopathy should be the first choice, not an alternative healthcare option. He passionately promotes locally grown food for its health and socio-economic benefits. Valerian is also a marketing and brand communication strategist and continues to consult for clients. He has authored a sci-fi ebook ‘The Future Was Always Here’ on the possible healthcare system on an alien planet.  The ebook is available on Amazon.

Aditya Harmalkar

Aditya Harmalkar is an entrepreneur by profession, but is a dedicated animal rights activist in his part time. He is also passionate about vegan fitness and health. He and his group started spreading awareness about veganism in Goa from November 2017 onwards after getting together and deciding to do something for the animals, for the planet and for the health of fellow human beings. Aditya is passionate about giving public talks on compassion towards animals as well as educating people about the health benefits of a plant based lifestyle. He has helped many people transition into a compassionate and healthful plant based lifestyle by virtue of his activism.

Claude Alvares

Claude Alvares is an Indian environmentalist based in Goa. He is the editor of the Other India Press publication based in India. The Director of the Goa Foundation, an environmental monitoring action group, Claude Alvares got his PhD from the Technische Hogeschool, Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, in 1976. He is a member of the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF). He is also a member of the Supreme Court Monitoring Committee (SCMC) on Hazardous Wastes constituted by the Supreme Court of India. He is the author of the article ‘The Great Gene Robbery’, published in the Illustrated Weekly of India in 1986.

Capt. Joseph Lobo

Joseph Lobo, a Master Mariner by profession and Managing Director of a shipping company, from a point onward developed interest in Good Governance issues and joined AGNI as a Trustee. On shifting to Goa, he involved himself in treating sewage and garbage. As Manager of Green Goa Works, Joseph managed Sonsoddo garbage site for one year, under contract to Goa Foundation. Compost was produced and sold to farmers, since. Quitting GGW and starting on his own, Joseph exclusively dealt with sewage and water body rehabilitation. He executed a project in St.Inez Creek, financed by Cipla CSR and promoted by Chairman of GSPCB and Panjim MLA Siddharth Kukulinikar. Joseph has eighty sewage treatment projects that deals with 1.2 million litres of sewage per day and whose process is patented by GOI.

Hyacinth Pinto

Having graduated from Goa College of Architecture in 1987, Hyacinth Pinto has been designing sustainable homes in Goa for the last 30 years. She also specialises in the adaptive reuse of old Goan homes, maintaining their character while adapting them for a contemporary lifestyle. She builds homes with locally available materials such as laterite rubble and raw lateritic soil dug out from the site of construction or from nearby sources. Her first earthen home was built in Divar in the early ‘90’s. Her journey in earth construction began with a 10 day workshop in soil block construction at Development Alternatives in New Delhi in 1990.

Tallulah D’Silva

Tallulah D’Silva is an architect with a deep sensitivity toward the environment. She specializes in cost effective and sustainable building. She is an active educator and a strong promoter of outdoor learning. She is involved in various initiatives such as the ‘Kids for Tigers’ project, a national level programme for schools by Sanctuary Asia and the ‘Global Shapers’ community for mentoring youth toward social change under the aegis of the World Economic Forum. She has also pioneered several urban intervention initiatives such as the NoMoZo (Non Motorized Zone) to promote pedestrianization and has developed ecological projects such as the dry toilet called EcoLoo. Tallulah has won several awards for her work and is an international speaker. The iGen magazine lists her as the 50 top architects that will shape India.

Saritha Sudhakaran

Saritha Sudhakaran is an urban designer currently residing in Margao. She founded incollab – a design, planning & research collective, developing sustainable communities in collaboration with the people who inhabit them. Saritha works on a range of issues such as sustainable mobility, transport, health, education, public policy, public spaces, architecture and waste management. In January 2019, she founded the Waste Less Project – an initiative that promotes waste reduction solutions. She will be speaking about the inspiration behind her work, the process and some challenges that she has faced in the course of the project.

Abhinav Apte

A Mechanical Engineer, MBA and Certified Energy Auditor, Abhinav has 13 years of Industrial experience out of which more than 5 years are in the field of Environment. As a General Manager of Lila Environmental Solutions, his vision is for the organization to become a leader in sustainable solutions with a core focus on “Water”. Lila, a company based in Panaji, offers solutions in Rainwater Harvesting, Sewage and Effluent Treatment, Efficient Plumbing Solutions and Micro Irrigation (drip and sprinkler) Solutions. The company has executed key projects in these areas for both Government & Corporate clients in Goa.

Romaine S

Romaine holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. A 15 year stint as Projects Coordinator of Centre for Herpetology,  pioneer in conservation, research and ecological studies in mainland India and the Andaman & Nicobar archipelago, provided solid grounding in environmental issues.  As Project Head of Samarpan Foundation (Chennai), she conceptualized an “outdoor laboratory of learning” through applied sustainable practices, raising forest nurseries, mangroves, organic farming, mosquito eradication, rainwater harvesting and waste management. She is the Chairperson of Environment (Goa Chapter), ALL (All Ladies League), has received awards for “Rose of Rizwan”- Achievement in the “Field Environment” and “Exceptional Women of Excellence 2018”- Women Economic Forum (WEF).

Dattaprasad Shetkar

Dattaprasad Shetkar is a brand and business consultant. A Goan by birth and heart, he has traveled extensively as a market researcher & consultant across India. Since childhood he was drawn towards artistic expression and appreciation, often dabbling in poetry, theater, debate, elocution & singing. Through Exemplar Strategic Solutions, a firm he co-founded, he has developed strategy and design for brands & managed events like ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs’ and ‘Jitendra Abhisheki Sangeet Mahotsav’. He founded Susang, a not-for-profit dedicated to art, music and culture, which has revived Konkani poetry and music from 1950s. He is the organizer and curator of TEDxPanaji, an independently organised TED event in Goa, Games of Goa Festival etc.

Roshan Mathias

Former 3 year state champion and 5th place at national level as a DJ (Disc Jockey), Roshan had a spiritual transformation in the year 2004. He understood his responsibility toward the environment that God has created. Roshan believes that with the blessings and wisdom of God, he can do wonders because he is not alone in this battle. Roshan is a member of NGO’s and movements like Goencho Avaaz, Goa Green Brigade, Candolim Residents, Consumer Forum and many more. In our lifetime we must do what we are sent to do . . whatever is undone the Creator God will continue to do. – Roshan Mathias

Puja Mitra

Puja Mitra is a professional conservation practitioner with an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation & Management from the University of Oxford and is a Commonwealth Scholar (2008-09). As Senior Programme Coordinator of World Wide Fund for Nature – India (WWF-India), Goa State Office, she conceptualized and executed a pioneering integrated project assessing the impact of boat based tourism on dolphins and corals in Goa. As Campaign Manager with India’s apex national animal protection agency, the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) she ran a successful campaign to prohibit the establishment of dolphinariums in India. As Trust Coordinator with The Kishkinda Trust in Hampi, Karnataka, Puja has managed livelihood development programmes for rural communities.

Sunieta Narayana

Sunieta Narayana is an Environmental Engineer. Her brand Stylewaali is known for sustainable fashion since 10+ years in Goa. Her pioneering Slow Fashion initiatives like high-fashion community Clothes Swaps have been highly successful and impactful. As a Speaker, she’s given talks and workshops about circular fashion, women’s health, sustainable menstruation at TedX Unplugged and other conferences. As a Sivananda certified Yoga Teacher, passionate about health and wellness of mind, body, spirit, she’s travelled from Kanyakumari to Himalayas by road with Sivananda Ashram, giving talks about Yoga in schools, colleges and institutes requesting them to make Yoga part of the curriculum.

Allwyn Siqueira

With a passionate commitment to champion the cause of the environment, Allwyn Siqueira tackles green issues in leading by example. An established Oil and Gas professional with over 25 years experience in the Middle East, Allwyn now encourages self sustainable living by generating his own power employing solar energy, growing pesticide free vegetables and fruits to lead a healthier existence. He also promotes organic waste composting, recycling and re-purposing material in a bid to discourage landfill overcrowding. Allwyn also regularly conducts workshops on promoting healthier self sustainable living practices and reducing the global carbon foot print.

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