Hi Darryl! The New Earth Summit was a great event. It achieved its purpose and is a great beginning. I did enjoy and learn from almost all the presentations and I am already beginning to implement some of the learning. Thank you for utilizing your energy for the good of all. Presentations which I think were excellent are many, so not naming them here. Sending positivity to you in all your endeavors. Already looking forward to the next summit. – Pushpa

It’s was truly great! Excellent speakers, useful & practical topics, useful suggestions, etc. It’s a great start. Congrats to you Darryl and all of your doing. – Angelo Pais

Congratulations Darryl! So impressed by your single minded focus, resilience and drive in accomplishing your targets. You’ve set a great example for us to follow. Institutionalizing your model of health will now be an inevitability. Looking forward to witnessing your dreams come true. – Mallan Kurian

Dear Darryl, from inception to execution I had an opportunity to observe your single minded dedication towards creating a platform for residents of Goa to come together and start a meaningful conversation. This summit has lit a flame and I’m very sure that it will only grow from here. I would like to congratulate each and every speaker and volunteer as well, for helping create this platform. I am grateful for getting an opportunity to meet and interact with the experts and the team. Warmth and Gratitude. – Manas Arvind

Darryl, we are all blessed to have you and all the other speakers and volunteers who have dedicated their time, energy and compassion towards better health for all sentient beings and mother Earth. Thank you all. – David Mendonsa

Absolutely commendable work Darryl. Your physical ability, combined with amazing wisdom was all so visible at this super event. You are indeed very blessed & are a great blessing to so many people. Yes, looking forward to the next one. All the best, God bless. – Sonny Thomas

Dear Darryl, it is so wonderful to see congratulatory messages and encouraging notes. Your efforts and dedication towards true health and gratitude to Mother Earth truly reflect in the hearts of many. I can sense the wave of change and willingness in people to take health in their hands and work towards it. Though I could not attend the summit I knew it would create waves of change. Congratulations to you and your team!! – Pooja

The New Earth Summit, 2019! I, along with my niece who had come in from Pune, attended 2 days whole, I had 2 guests from Kochi as well who came solely for the event. A great initiative and inspiring enough to make the change. Congrats to the speakers, the performing artistes, the stalls and to Darryl of course. – Rani George

Thanks for having us at the summit, Darryl and for your efforts in putting up such a forum together. I know it’s an amazing amount of work. – Karan Manral

Darryl, it’s so wonderful to read all the messages, congratulations for the huge effort and time you have put in, along with all the other speakers. Blessings and love. – Yolande Mistry

Hi Darryl, what a wonderful New Earth Summit! With these remarkable workshops covering three days, you have sown the seeds of healthy living and the protection of our environment. It was a humongous task and you were successful in its achievement. The combination of your simplicity and the geniuses of your ultimate objectives are remarkable. Goans have to wake up and participate in this endeavor wholeheartedly for their health and the future of their children. – Fatima Jacques

Congratulations Darryl! A special thank you, for your love, concern, efforts and dedication towards The New Earth Summit, was blessed with lots of knowledge from different speakers. God bless you in all that you do. – Victoria D’Souza

Darryl, I could make it only on the first day and I thought it was precious. I was thrilled to listen to talks that spoke directly to my requirements. Your venture needs to continue. A great service to Goa. Hats off to you, Darryl for doing a great job, humbly and efficiently!! – Edith

Congrats Darryl on this wonderful event and thanks for this great opportunity to serve lovely people. It was an eye opener event and a very well & swiftly executed one too, the food was very yummy as well. I would like to congratulate and thank everyone who was a part of this wonderful event. Looking forward to the next event. – Ruchi Ela Crafts

Congratulations Darryl! It was a really wonderful event. Very well organized. It is good to make people health conscious. Looking forward to the next event. – Nancy Rodrigues

Good morning Earth Keepers! Thanks to Darryl and his team for organizing an inspiring three days of needed awareness. – Joanne Soul

I could attend only the first day, it was extremely insightful – Boddhavya

Congrats on a great effort, could only make it for a few hours on the first two days, yet the brief content that I heard and saw was great. – Vikram Singh Atwal

Thoroughly enjoyed 3 days of The New Earth summit. Thanks a lot Darryl for organizing this wonderful event. Lots of memories & lots of learning. Thank you very much!! – Kiran Rao

Don’t see how we start, see how we end it because the beginning of everything is small. You have won everyone’s heart, dear Darryl and it’s not that easy to conduct and manage. We, like minded souls are there with you always and promise to render all support to you as you are doing something amazing to save our planet too. Together we will achieve many milestones and you know under what circumstances I have travelled all the way from Pune. Once again Hats off to you, our Messenger and our Mentor. – Mathew George

Hi Darryl, Congratulations! This will surely grow big. Let’s plan now itself for a bigger event next year. So that we can have common people participate in large numbers. We need to also make, well in advance, a data base of sponsors, supporters and advertisers, so that they earmark budgets for the event when they do their annual allocation. Great things are coming our way! Cheers! – Valerian Mendonca

Thanks Darryl! You did a marvelous job and have my full support for the cause and message outreach for the future. Will allocate time for that. – Hyacinth Pinto

Everyone enjoyed, it was a good event and platform, for all those who serve to promote health in natural ways, to join with The New Earth Summit, and it was the beginning of uniting with alternative practitioners. In the coming event, we’ll all support, to make this even more successful, so that we create a unity of real healing in Goa. Darryl, God has chosen you for a special purpose, I liked your humbleness and tolerance. Your administrative methods which are really good and positive, will make you more successful. Everyone I interacted with had the same nature of uniting and moving towards one goal of creating peace on Earth. May God bless you and everyone who was a part of the summit. – Jain Abraham

It was a great initiative and well commenced 1st edition. It has brought a lot of hope for new learning’s and endeavors. It is sustainable and must continue giving fresh impetus. Congratulations Darryl, the brain behind setting sustainable standards. – Evencio Quadros

It’s a great initiative in the field of functional medicine. A big congratulation to Darryl & big thanks as well for taking such a huge initiative. – Dr. Reema

Thanks Darryl, wishing you the best! Also gratitude to all who volunteered & participated actively for this event. I’m glad this initiative has taken root. Looking forward to what’s coming in November/December. – Eva

Thank you, Darryl! I’ve made, my donation to you and your team’s efforts and my commitment to move towards a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. – Pedro

It was a pleasure to be part of the New Earth Summit. Publicity was good. I believe we need to canvas for participation as the inertia level is high in Goa. – Miguel Braganza


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