TNES 2022

The 4th year of The New Earth Summit – India’s 1st Integrative Summit on solutions to our problems in Health, Food, Farming, Environment, Sustainability & Circular Economy.

Mission of the Summit:

To create awareness about the root causes of problems in healthcare, food supply, living spaces, environment, circular economy governance and education and to showcase unique solutions that have been implemented places in India and around the world, by experts, so that the solutions can be implemented across the world. To also help facilitate the creation of eco-friendly, self-sustaining, locally diverse, circular economy models by the people and for the people across states of the world and thereby contribute to the creation of A New and Good Earth.

Hosted every year by Earth Keepers Connect

For the last 3 years of The New Earth Summit, we brought you solutions in various areas from domain experts in India and overseas. This year, we are taking the movement forward on the ground in an organized way with the help of the people’s Domain Experts Committees in every state of every country.

Please watch our video ‘Making New Earth‘ that explains the cause of our problems and their solutions. Then join our group Earth Keepers Connect on Telegram if you want to actively participate in implementing the solutions in your village, city, state and country. Thank You!

Click on the Committee Meetings Webinar titles below to view their recordings.

Then join our People’s Committees group and introduce yourself and let us know which committee you would like to help in.

Oct 12 & Nov 10 – Integrative Medicine and Health Committee Meetings
Oct 13 & Nov 11 – Natural Food and Farming Committee Meetings
Oct 14 – Natural Homes and Architecture Committee Meeting
Oct 15 – Water Conservation and Management Committee Meeting
Oct 16 & Nov 14 – Waste Management Committee Meetings
Oct 17 & Nov 15 – Oceans, Coasts and Marine Life Committee Meetings
Oct 18 & Nov 16 – Biodiversity Committee Meetings
Oct 19 & Nov 17 – Environmental Pollution Control Committee Meetings
Oct 20 & Nov 18 – Roads and Transport Committee Meetings
Oct 21 & Nov 19 – Electricity Generation & Transmission Committee Meetings
Oct 22 & Nov 20 – Town Planning Committee Meetings
Oct 23 & Nov 21 – Free Energy Committee Meetings
Oct 24 & Nov 22 – TV, Telecom & Internet Committee Meetings
Oct 25 & Nov 23 – Research, Innovation & Development Committee Meetings
Oct 26 & Nov 24 – Holistic Education Committee Meetings
Oct 27 & Nov 25 – Arts and Culture Committee Meetings
Oct 28 & Nov 26 – Local Jobs and Regenerative Businesses Committee Meetings
Oct 29 & Nov 27 – Youth Welfare Committee Meetings
Oct 30 & Nov 28 – Senior Citizens Welfare Committee Meetings
Oct 31 & Nov 30 – Peace and Harmony Committee Meetings  

All the above committees will be making their final presentations on the what, why, how, when, where and who of the solutions they will be implementing in their states.

Get in touch with our team on WhatsApp People’s Committees India or in Telegram @earthkeepersconnect if you would like to be a committee member or even if you just want to help any committee do the work in your state. Thank You!

See what our speakers and artists presented during previous years at the summit TNES 2021 and TNES 2020 and TNES 2019

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