Pre-Summit Webinars

The 2nd edition of The New Earth Summit is due – showcasing solutions to our problems in health, food, farming & environment, and it has been scheduled for 13th, 14th & 15th Nov’20 as an online event.

But more important than this, is what we have planned for the entire month of October. This year our view will be oriented towards The Pandemic Recovery Plan that we have been working on for a few months. It’s details are on this page

We will be hosting 1 webinar every evening of Oct’20 from 6pm to 8pm as a run up to the summit, to garner more awareness amongst the public of the issues that we are discussing and the solutions we are presenting.

The Zoom Webinar format will be 4 panelists discussing or debating the topic for 1 hour and it will then be open to Q & A from the audience for another hour. In the invite of each webinar that we will be sharing on social media, we will be sharing last year’s video on the topic so that people who plan to join the webinar will know in advance what was presented at that time and they can join us with that perspective and for the new updated view on it that will be presented in the webinar.

The names of the panelists will be mentioned as soon as all are finalized in a couple of days.

Wellness of Mind, Body & Spirit
1st Oct – Reversing Chronic Illnesses with Natural Therapies & Lifestyle
2nd Oct – Reversing Diabetes the Right Way
3rd Oct – Healing the Digestive System
4th Oct – Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturotherapy for Good Health
5th Oct – Healing with Energy Medicine
6th Oct – Healing Cancer
7th Oct – Mental Wellbeing
8th Oct – Natural Medicine based Wellness Tourism
9th Oct – Holistic Education
10th Oct – Spirituality in Global Peace & Harmony

Healthy Food, Healthy Farming
11th Oct – Healthy Food for a Healthy Life
12th Oct – Growing food at home
13th Oct – Farming problems and solutions
14th Oct – Organic farming initiative by the State of Goa
15th Oct – Cleaning out our toxic food supply chain
16th Oct – Plant food choices for people, animals or the planet?
17th Oct – Are seasonal and local foods enough?
18th Oct – The need for local seed banks
19th Oct – Involving youth in agriculture and value addition
20th Oct – Community Markets offering healthy options

Self-Sustained Eco-Friendly Ecosystems
21st Oct – Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems
22nd Oct – Eco Friendly Homes & Living
23rd Oct – Eco Friendly Alternatives to Waste Generation
24th Oct – Effective Rain Water Harvesting Systems
25th Oct – Developing a Local Self-Sustained Village Model
26th Oct – Minimalism for Conservation
27th Oct – Local and Sustainable Livelihoods in Goa
28th Oct – Forest Nurseries & Mangroves for Coastal Economy
29th Oct – Why we need to protect our Oceans and Coasts
30th Oct – Goa a Coal Hub

The speaker with the most promising problem-solution system on each of the above webinars will be chosen as the speaker to present at The New Earth Summit on 13th, 14th & 15th November 2020 that will happen online.

Kindly feel free to comment below with your views that may help us in any way. Thank You!

Darryl D’Souza
Convener, The New Earth Summit 

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