Amazing Learnings from The New Earth Summit

Watch this eye opening video of The New Earth Summit and share your feedback on it as well (in the comments section of the video)

To get notified of the upcoming videos of the summit, please click the ‘Subscribe’ button below the video, then click the Bell icon on the right and choose ‘All’

If you would like to implement the solutions to our problems in health, food, farming & environment… in your village, city, state and nation, please join us at Earth Keepers Connect on Telegram  

Earth Keepers Connect is a global network of people doing good work in the areas of health, food, farming & environment. Our website is and Facebook group is

The New Earth Summit is India’s 1st Integrative Summit on solutions to our problems in Health, Food, Farming & Environment and its details are on our website

Thank You 🙏🏽🌏 💖

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